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Making a reservation is quick and easy.   Please stop by our rental office, call us (252)928-0090, or for advance reservations, you can complete the Rental Reservation Form to request a cart.  

We currently make daily (24 hour), multi-day, and weekly reservations for our 4-passenger and 
6-passenger carts.  We do our best to accommodate any special needs or requests. We do recommend reservations for weekly rentals, weddings, and special events. For hourly cart rentals, please call us or stop by once you are on the island. Please see our Rates & Rentals page for pricing.

To make advance reservations online, using the Rental Reservation form, please include all of the information requested to reserve a cart, and then click to submit the reservation. We will email you with a confirmation, based on availability, within 24-48 hours. 

Golf Cart Rental Reservation Form

Please call for reservations within 3 days​. 
This form is for advance reservations.

​ Today's Date: 


 Cell Phone:*


 Rental Dates:*
​ (6/1/16 - 6/8/16)

 Type of Cart:*  

 Number of Carts Requested:* 

 Name and/or Address of Island Rental:* (please include)


Please fill in requiredinformation & click to submit.  Thank you!

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